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Stuart Goldshim
Oct. 21, 1949-June 3, 2018

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Born in Los Angeles, Stuart Gold studied at UC Davis with artists such as Wayne Thiebaud, Roland Peterson and Roy Deforest. In 1980, he received his masters degree from SF State University in Printmaking. Prolific in sculpture, paint, digital and design mediums, he is known for his famous “TV series” inspired by his father, a TV repairman in Los Angeles. Fascinated by distorted Television media, he dove into the syntax, color and vibrancy of the eye’s interaction with television pixels of the time, representing them in oil and acrylic media. This endeavor yielded portraits and commercial art into images that vibrate and move the eye to another dimension. Best known are his “Overlord” and “Hat Flutter”. However, his range of artistic expression embraces the gamut of abstract to realistic to scientifically correct coelacanth sculpted creatures of the deep ocean. His deep interests in art, science, sculpture, anthropology, and musical instrument-making impacted his artistic vision, resulting in creative reliability and a strong force of movement.

For info about his work, please contact Gayle Peterson at gp@askdrgayle.com
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